Thursday, October 17, 2013

The path of discernment can be a tricky one indeed

I believe that we are all innately good, but where do we discern the boundaries of how much energy and trust we offer to those around us.

These beings in which we interact with on a daily level..
Are we listening wholly and sincerely?
What are the potentials that this person may allow us?
The lessons?
The love?

 When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you. I find myself amidst the turmoil and trauma of so many families and friends, all figuring out what in their lives is worthwhile and not. Cleaning out their closets, so to speak as we all evolve into this new consciousness and global paradigm shift. The shifts have been massive, profound and catalytic across the board.

This full moon in Aries seems to be a major climax to all the cleansing that has been erupting through the lives of my tribe. As I listen intently, holding space as a receiver and safe container for the thoughts and feelings of those around me, I've experienced a bright sense of love, compassion and hope for us.

As I tune out of the analog world, and turn inwards propelled by the prayers of Nahko & Medicine for the People, I gather my thoughts on a fresh, gut-churning dilemma...

A friend of mine, not a close friend, more of an acquaintance has attempted suicide. He is a father, and recently separated from his child's mother. Amongst the overwhelming shock and confusion of how to deal with such a situation I find my heart filling with so much compassion and empathy, and yet my mind is racing to calculate how much time and energy can be diverted to assisting those involved.

My heart goes out to the mother, a new,  yet beautiful budding sister. I offer my help where ever it is needed, but still my heart battles with something. Unsure of what I retreat into contemplation.
He is a man that many love dearly, but none like. How do you help someone so desperately in need of support who rejects it? I am told this isn't the first time. Others step back, already tired of saving his life. My heart always desires so deeply for all beings to know happiness, to be loved, to love, to know contentment and bliss. But how do you offer these immaterial things to someone who to someone so deeply rooted in the ego. His actions have already been called selfish, though it pains me to say such things about someone (actions or character) in such a desperate situation. I feel truth in these statements. Is this a call to drop our own resentments and offer unconditional love regardless of whether it wanted?

It was only yesterday I affirmed, via a synchronistic conversation with a fellow traveler, that I intend to always offer my self in sincerity. Perhaps that conversation, smile or joke, could make the day of that person going through intense suffering. Maybe it's your soul mate sitting next to you at the coffee shop smiling coyly. You just never know, so I intend to always be in the now, present with a connection in that moment. Perpetuating and nourishing this idea that we can have real human connections with each other in a rapidly more dis-associative world of digital everything.

How would you deal with the selfish actions of a being in desperate need of love?
Do we love him up, only to be rejected?
Do we offer time, energy and support, only to find ourselves in the same situation?

The path of discernment can be a tricky one indeed. How much of my own life do I sacrifice for others? Where is the balance between keeping myself whole and still be able to give?

Only time and tales of life will tell.

Perhaps there is no answer. I navigate the responses of my being, listening intently, consciously to feelings in my stomach that point me in the right direction. I felt the urge to right, so I took my que. Now it's just up to you, the reader to receive it. Thank you for holding that space.

Always in loving gratitude,

Sara Yoshi Wanderhoof

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