Saturday, August 29, 2009

Found some pictures of my journeys along the way. Goddesses of the Arctic Circle at Shambs,
On the road to Shambs with our final ride!! Joy Button myself and Lightbear
On the road to Shambs waiting for the ferry
The floral arrangement I made my head into on David's birthday
And being silly at Wreck with Tom's amazing froggy hat

Lost in a haze.

So the past few weeks living at the larch house have been phenomenal. Absolute bliss to be exact. And now all of a sudden I can see the end of summer in sight and am wondering why I'm still here. Between watching my new found family part ways across the continent and packing up the beauty of 2030 Larch has been quite overwhelming today and I've felt a little lost through out it all. But, "A quick chill out at 2020 has left me seeing things a fair bit clearer" as Paolo said it would :) With so many options on where to go I think I may stay in Vancouver a while longer and recharge my batteries. So I won't be making it to the Playa this year, but I will most definitely be fire-spinning in the desert next fall.

In this immediate moment I am feeling so overwhelmed by love for all the beautiful souls I have met this summer. There have been endless moments of perfection and bliss. All of which I owe to the people around me. David, Jocelyn, Isaac, Fran, JD, Brian, Wil Call, Siobhan, Shauna, Shawn, Pami, Paolo, Abby, and every single beautiful body, mind and soul that is, was or ever will be Larch THANK YOU. Thank you for your presence, your love, your voice, your creativity and just being yourselves. Namaste. I hope that I can bring your beauty and love with me all the days of my life.

California is still an option but I am really missing my Momo and thinking of perhaps heading East. But lets work on a means of getting there and maybe some cash to eat along the way.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wreckbliss in Van

Post SHambhala bliss has been hitting me pretty hard. It has been so refreshing to be back in Vancouver, especially with so much of my family here. Since my aunt Angela's passing I have only felt my love and kinship with my whole family grow steadily stronger.

Every sunset has been mind blasting, and so unfathomably beautiful it would happily be my last. I feel now as though I am truly living up to those words inked into my skin. I am for the joy and beauty of this world, everyday living to tears.
With that in mind, I take note the ever shortening days. Summer is fleeting here. And if its sunsets and summer that fulfill me right now, then sunsets and summer I shall follow. :P

I made the decision last night; I'm headed south to Nevada. Flow works very well but you need to also make conscious decisions of where you would like to flow to. Balance right, you simply can't have flow without force elsewhere and vice versa.

So I'm off to the playa. see you black rock city!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the road with my Momo

my fuzzy peach and I drove from Vancity to Yellowknife in two and a half days... here are some pictures we took along the way..

ketchup time. The story thus far.....

So up to date I have driven to Yellowknife, NWT with my best friend Monique to kidnap another friend (Lightbear) and make the pilgrimage to Shambhala. Woke up one morning to find her missing and myself stranded in the land of the Midnight Sun, though I love her much more for it and have learned now that it was only another blessing.
My near three weeks in the North was a little surreal. It definately took a while to get used to the sun never going down, and I made more friends and family than I could have ever imagined. I volunteered at Folk on the Rocks and saw the best YK has to offer. First festival of the year and it felt like I had brought summer to the North.
My last night in Yelloknife was phenomenal, the best damned game of hide and seek I have ever had in my life and that night it finally got dark. Stars actually glittered in the abyss above us, and even a quick glimpse of the northern lights. How blessed I am. Love to everyone I met up there, Nathan and Nina thank you for taking me in with such open hearts and housing me while I was there, LB and Felix for making it all happen, Kyla, Sari, Jaimee, Erich, Daysha, SEB for opening my eyes in so many ways, you have no idea! So many good times and memories I will never forget. All those I haven't quite remembered this moment; I blame the wake n bake. Thank you for sharing so many of the moments of my life at Shambs too!!
Lightbear and I walked out of Yellowknife on Friday August 31st, about a half hour before Nathan, Sari, and Kyla left in a car. We beat them to Fort Provedence, Enterprise, and then to Edmonton. We would have pit stop sessions on the side of the road every time they caught up to us. It was hysterical. And so Lightbear and I walked the most desolate highway (I have ever seen), the Mackenzie down into Alberta and on towards BC.
In total it took us a whopping NINE rides and three days to get to Shambhala. Over 2400 kms. It was a journey I will remember all the days of my life.
Our last and final ride was with three divine goddesses, Stefania, Mama Tenielle, and Joy Button (who is most literally all the world's joy stuffed into one button). They apologized for for being late, stating that they were hungry and had stopped for breakfast. We told them it was ok and we hadn't been waiting long. They brought us home.
I made it home,
A home I was never aware I had,
With a family I never knew existed.
I found all the love the universe has to offer,
in Mother Earth, Father Sky,
And the many brothers, sisters, mother and fathers I have made along the way.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
I would not be who I am today without all of you, everyone I have met along the way.
May the universe bless every moment of your life as it has blessed mine.

Shambhala was a life changing experience, as it is for everyone. And though I would love to tell everyone on blog I feel it much more powerful if I told you directly. So come ask me about my first Shambs if you wish.