Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wreckbliss in Van

Post SHambhala bliss has been hitting me pretty hard. It has been so refreshing to be back in Vancouver, especially with so much of my family here. Since my aunt Angela's passing I have only felt my love and kinship with my whole family grow steadily stronger.

Every sunset has been mind blasting, and so unfathomably beautiful it would happily be my last. I feel now as though I am truly living up to those words inked into my skin. I am for the joy and beauty of this world, everyday living to tears.
With that in mind, I take note the ever shortening days. Summer is fleeting here. And if its sunsets and summer that fulfill me right now, then sunsets and summer I shall follow. :P

I made the decision last night; I'm headed south to Nevada. Flow works very well but you need to also make conscious decisions of where you would like to flow to. Balance right, you simply can't have flow without force elsewhere and vice versa.

So I'm off to the playa. see you black rock city!

1 comment:

  1. Burning Man!! Wicked that you are going, thank you Universe, you've done it again!