Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sagebrushed grasslands to our Standing Brothers of the Redwoods

We follow the wind across whispering golden plains, and I can't help but feel the sacred, spirit and power of the buffalo that used to roam these grasslands. An affinity creeps into my being, like a warm touch, for the great migrations that take place across these valleys nestled between the Rockies and the Pacific.

Day two on the road brought us into into Mt. Shasta, where we indulged ourselves with a meal at an actual restaurant, With A TABLE and CHAIRS!!! :-D !!
Not that I don't like roughin' it, but I do enjoy glasses, chairs, and hot food served to me once in awhile ;-) And boy was it goood!!! Thai food that brought me right back Bangkok like it was yesterday. You could even hear the ladies chattering away in Thai in the kitchen. MMmmmm..... I want more tom yum!

Our journey south bound brought us into the sunny warmth of California and as we started making our way West, the sage brush and grasslands began to fade away into groves of standing Elms, Ponderosa Pines, and lush greenery. It seemed as though with every hill we passed we came into more greenery. My body and mind in complete chills of bliss as the resonance of coastline inched ever closer. We took the 36 west and continued down HWY 101, stopping of course to hug some of the biggest trees in the world! If you ever find yourself on the Avenue of Giants, stop at the Women's Club of California Grove and have a wander around. Hiding away in a small gulley not far from the road is one of the most breath taking living organisms I've ever been blessed to meet. A young redwood amongst the giants, but oh so different, as she is an albino, and has only white needles. MOONLIGHT POWERED TREE!!!! What a beauty if there ever was one. We took our time in the serene groves of ancient standing brothers and felt so blessed to be here in this moment, with some of the oldest friends we have. So much love to the forests of the world.

After all this driving we've found quite the little community in cozy Covelo, CA. I'm feeling strongly that this will be somewhere we're gonna put some roots down and be back again before we know. I'll fill you all in on the wonders of Covelo, that reminds us so very much of the vibrant love on Cortes, in the next post. Until then, love to you all


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Past the 45th parallel and still Southbound

It's been quite the drive, I'm still in awe that we got through Washington State in a half a day! Our first day out of Vancouver, I'd left a little something out of my previous posts..... which was that on our only night in Kelowna, picking up Princess Peach, we'd had our sweet Van, Lucy On Cloud 9, broken into.

It truly didn't seem like a big deal at the time, and the prowling intruder didn't seem to have taken very much. My silver seed of life ring off the dash, random bits and bobbles perhaps? The prowler appeared to have been somewhat out of touch with reality, and hoping into our van on any kind of drugs would not make for a sensical time. What with the feathers, faeries, and weird shiny bits everywhere. I figured he gotten freaked out with the owl talons and holographic art, and taken off. I couldn't help but be grateful that he didn't take our laptop (all our photos, music, and business info.......gonna back that up today...) or any of my sentimental things like my baby blanket, tarot cards or crystals... Not that he'd get any money for those... But as time and the ran has rolled on we've noticed more and more items had vanished.... sigh.... two of which make me kind of sad.... a ridonculously pimped out purple leather tophat with some of my finest charoite cabs, antique keys, and favourite exotic pheasant feathers....made special for Russ...... and my next heart drop was my DSLR and 300 mm zoom lens. Neither of which were cheap....and wouldn't go for much at a pawn shop.

I'm not really bummed because of the materialistic attachment...... but more so because of all the absolutely AMAZING things we've seen in less than 24 hours of driving!!! GAAAAHhhhh! lol.... I just wish I could show you all!!!

Regardless, I would appreciate it if when you read this.... just take a moment and send some love and compassion to that prowler, and know that they, who ever they are, are in a difficult place. Wish them blessings, love and healing as we already have.

One of the first amazing canyons we went through was Dry Falls in pics but heres a link to some google images on it..,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1222&bih=614&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi

Theres been so many others, who's names I don't even know....and I'm seriously considering buying a point and shoot while we're in tax free Oregon :-D At least I can let you all know that we're in absolute bliss rolling along these nearly deserted secondary highways through America's wilderness.

Past the 45th Parallel today, nothing but a small sign on the edge of the road that looked rather weather beaten. Took a moment to recognize that we were exactly half way between the North Pole and the Equator. Well continue on we shall. Hoping to make it to Mt. Shasta today, and then head for the coast!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spirit Blesses us all the way

The road onwards. vancouver and beyond. Departing K-town bound for the sacred healing waters of Ainsworth with Princess Peach in tow. Adventure abounds like a heavy fog, embracing us from every which way. 

These rolling hills gently smile down upon us as we ready depart. 

Cleansing, purifying blessings rain over our breasts and crowns

Ravens dance on the wind. A graceful twirl and flurry of wings, just for us.
Coyote gazes over our passing with approval.

And the winds follow us all the way,

The Road onward calls.


Fall floats in across foliage,
Mountains moan as the North winds
make their presence known.
Nelson nestles up for the ever nearing winter,
We fly on the wind across paved dream ways,
Aloft our Crystal Light Ship.
The Road onward, ever calling to us.

Yoshi and Mario split ways with the infamous Princess Peach. Restored anew after soaking in the mysterious and rejuvenating waters of the Ainsworth caves. A big calm creeps in as the last of our Canadian ends get tied up in big beautiful bows of purple silk. The journey into the South West sneaks into reach. What a way to leave our beautiful friends and family but with two house-warmings in two days. The big love follows us everywhere. I can't help but let a smirk sneak across my face. Big love to all you beautiful people too!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Onward we fly.

I'm still a little bit surprised to be on the open road again, it seems as though summer simply vanished on the ocean breeze. This past few months on Cortes has been like a fairy-tale dream. 

Faery friends, creative community, love, that washes over you where ever you wander, when ever you hug a new friend. What a season on the coast indeed! So much love to what I dearly hope to be lifelong friends out there! 
Gratitude and Infinite love to Amie and Henri! You are both so very fabulous and you have both found a pedestal in our hearts for the rest of time.

The weeks leading up to our departure, I was getting so excited to leave. Oh the exhilaration of possibility and potential as you hit the open road with "Nowhere to be, and everywhere to go" This enthusiasm continued to build, bubbling bigger and bigger, right up until the day it felt like we might actually leave. And it dawned on me that we actually had to leave Cortes to go on this adventure, delight faded into a tinge of sadness. But my heart warmed at the thought of reunions with everyone when we get back. 

And so we whirl winded off..... 
"The last ferry off the island is at 5:50, think we can make it?" "It's 4:30 now....we better get a move on" 

Henri later informs me that Amie had come up with the wonderful plan that if she doesn't see us, we can't say good bye, and so can't leave.... lol .... So we leave in a flurry, managing to get everything put away beautifully, car loaded, with our little bunny Totoro and all, and whisk off to Amie's for a quick bon voyage. 
 As we drove north on the island, towards the ferry ever pondering if we might make it, I realize that this may be the last time I may know every single person that drives by.... at least until next summer. What a feeling of community, being able to name and wave and feel love for every cyclist and car that you pass. 

 We made the ferry, last one on the boat, sitting on the back of the ferry under golden rays bouncing off the ocean. I crash in the van due t my flurry of cleaning and packing that had me up until 6:30 am the night before. 
Vancouver bound. 
 The city is such an interesting place, any city, any where.. A cacophony of energy and noise, bumping and bustling everything that moves, or doesn't move. Not my exactly my first choice for a zen filled, grounded setting. However we were there to see the beautiful people. Heart warmth shared with our friends and family is the best kind of warmth out there. 
So a quick visit of a two nights and one full day, and we were on the road again.

 Off to save Princess Peach. I love this game. Slumbered well in Kelowna last night, and we prepare to depart for Ainsworth hot spring for a refresh with good ol' peaches :)

 Until next time friends! Love light and bliss all your days! 

 My quote of the day 
 "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others" Nelson Mandela (1918 - )