Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spirit Blesses us all the way

The road onwards. vancouver and beyond. Departing K-town bound for the sacred healing waters of Ainsworth with Princess Peach in tow. Adventure abounds like a heavy fog, embracing us from every which way. 

These rolling hills gently smile down upon us as we ready depart. 

Cleansing, purifying blessings rain over our breasts and crowns

Ravens dance on the wind. A graceful twirl and flurry of wings, just for us.
Coyote gazes over our passing with approval.

And the winds follow us all the way,

The Road onward calls.


Fall floats in across foliage,
Mountains moan as the North winds
make their presence known.
Nelson nestles up for the ever nearing winter,
We fly on the wind across paved dream ways,
Aloft our Crystal Light Ship.
The Road onward, ever calling to us.

Yoshi and Mario split ways with the infamous Princess Peach. Restored anew after soaking in the mysterious and rejuvenating waters of the Ainsworth caves. A big calm creeps in as the last of our Canadian ends get tied up in big beautiful bows of purple silk. The journey into the South West sneaks into reach. What a way to leave our beautiful friends and family but with two house-warmings in two days. The big love follows us everywhere. I can't help but let a smirk sneak across my face. Big love to all you beautiful people too!

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