Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Past the 45th parallel and still Southbound

It's been quite the drive, I'm still in awe that we got through Washington State in a half a day! Our first day out of Vancouver, I'd left a little something out of my previous posts..... which was that on our only night in Kelowna, picking up Princess Peach, we'd had our sweet Van, Lucy On Cloud 9, broken into.

It truly didn't seem like a big deal at the time, and the prowling intruder didn't seem to have taken very much. My silver seed of life ring off the dash, random bits and bobbles perhaps? The prowler appeared to have been somewhat out of touch with reality, and hoping into our van on any kind of drugs would not make for a sensical time. What with the feathers, faeries, and weird shiny bits everywhere. I figured he gotten freaked out with the owl talons and holographic art, and taken off. I couldn't help but be grateful that he didn't take our laptop (all our photos, music, and business info.......gonna back that up today...) or any of my sentimental things like my baby blanket, tarot cards or crystals... Not that he'd get any money for those... But as time and the ran has rolled on we've noticed more and more items had vanished.... sigh.... two of which make me kind of sad.... a ridonculously pimped out purple leather tophat with some of my finest charoite cabs, antique keys, and favourite exotic pheasant feathers....made special for Russ...... and my next heart drop was my DSLR and 300 mm zoom lens. Neither of which were cheap....and wouldn't go for much at a pawn shop.

I'm not really bummed because of the materialistic attachment...... but more so because of all the absolutely AMAZING things we've seen in less than 24 hours of driving!!! GAAAAHhhhh! lol.... I just wish I could show you all!!!

Regardless, I would appreciate it if when you read this.... just take a moment and send some love and compassion to that prowler, and know that they, who ever they are, are in a difficult place. Wish them blessings, love and healing as we already have.

One of the first amazing canyons we went through was Dry Falls in Washington...no pics but heres a link to some google images on it..


Theres been so many others, who's names I don't even know....and I'm seriously considering buying a point and shoot while we're in tax free Oregon :-D At least I can let you all know that we're in absolute bliss rolling along these nearly deserted secondary highways through America's wilderness.

Past the 45th Parallel today, nothing but a small sign on the edge of the road that looked rather weather beaten. Took a moment to recognize that we were exactly half way between the North Pole and the Equator. Well continue on we shall. Hoping to make it to Mt. Shasta today, and then head for the coast!

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