Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sagebrushed grasslands to our Standing Brothers of the Redwoods

We follow the wind across whispering golden plains, and I can't help but feel the sacred, spirit and power of the buffalo that used to roam these grasslands. An affinity creeps into my being, like a warm touch, for the great migrations that take place across these valleys nestled between the Rockies and the Pacific.

Day two on the road brought us into into Mt. Shasta, where we indulged ourselves with a meal at an actual restaurant, With A TABLE and CHAIRS!!! :-D !!
Not that I don't like roughin' it, but I do enjoy glasses, chairs, and hot food served to me once in awhile ;-) And boy was it goood!!! Thai food that brought me right back Bangkok like it was yesterday. You could even hear the ladies chattering away in Thai in the kitchen. MMmmmm..... I want more tom yum!

Our journey south bound brought us into the sunny warmth of California and as we started making our way West, the sage brush and grasslands began to fade away into groves of standing Elms, Ponderosa Pines, and lush greenery. It seemed as though with every hill we passed we came into more greenery. My body and mind in complete chills of bliss as the resonance of coastline inched ever closer. We took the 36 west and continued down HWY 101, stopping of course to hug some of the biggest trees in the world! If you ever find yourself on the Avenue of Giants, stop at the Women's Club of California Grove and have a wander around. Hiding away in a small gulley not far from the road is one of the most breath taking living organisms I've ever been blessed to meet. A young redwood amongst the giants, but oh so different, as she is an albino, and has only white needles. MOONLIGHT POWERED TREE!!!! What a beauty if there ever was one. We took our time in the serene groves of ancient standing brothers and felt so blessed to be here in this moment, with some of the oldest friends we have. So much love to the forests of the world.

After all this driving we've found quite the little community in cozy Covelo, CA. I'm feeling strongly that this will be somewhere we're gonna put some roots down and be back again before we know. I'll fill you all in on the wonders of Covelo, that reminds us so very much of the vibrant love on Cortes, in the next post. Until then, love to you all


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