Saturday, November 12, 2011

Serendipity, my old friend, it's nice to see you :)

As The dust settled, we'd found ourselves in a sun soaked Round Valley somewhere in Northern California.
What seems like only days has quickly turned into weeks, and now months. The first strong tastes of home came in a white paper cup. Fresh brewed coffee, the best we'd had in the states yet. After pouring lattes and espressos this summer at the Cortes Co-op Cafe, we were rather impressed with the mouth watering aromas of a rich roasted bean and spices wafting from this little shack.

As close to the seclusion of an island you can find with out being at sea, Covelo is a little round valley tucked away in the wandering hills of Nor Cal. Only one very windy road in and out in the winter, and absolutely encompassed by the wilderness.

The coffee shop, aka the The Farmer's Market, where there is of course a market every Friday, was having a growth spurt (just like to co-op at home). As their new space prepared for rebirth, so were many other beautiful endeavours also flourishing. This post has been slowing coming to fruit, apple by apple, ripening over these golden fall days. More and more so as my roots find fertile soil to grow in with my every moment here.

Journeys into the woods with puppies abounding, and baskets laden with chantrelles and porcini. Gardens overflowing with abundance, and apples ripe for the picking. I even learned to use an old Amish cider press.

These days Russ and I have found ourselves on the southwest hills of the valley. Looking down from this abundant ridge I am greeted by the big glossy brown eyes of a doe, happily nourishing herself on the glistening umber grass. I've been enjoying this brilliant sunset spot on the deck for a few evenings now. Vineyards with grapes still on the vines to my left, the yurt below them, and further down still the pond. Where funny enough, the six pointed buck awaited the doe on the other side of the fence. As he hopped up onto his hind legs, showing off how he could reach the high branches of a near by tree, he jumped back in panic. A long beard like strand of lichen had attached itself to his antlers. He ensued a vigorous battle with the intruding flora, and danced around valiantly attempting to shake it off. I sat in wonder as the commotion took way, while our little pup Luna lay next to me oblivious to anything other than her bone.
As bliss filled synchronised moment follows another, I feel at ease and perfectly serene with where I am in my journey. And that I am exactly where I am meant to be, on all planes.

In the blink of an eye, under the glow of the Freeze Up Moon, we have awoken in a palace on even longer rollings hills of the fertile valley. A space created with intention and love, built on family foundations. A sliver of a stair case led me up to our new room, of what was once a humble shack.
The sun poured in this morning from the East and the vibrancy of that space filled me with the memories pf a fresh summer rain, cooling the warmth of our star. His warmth lights up all the frosty fall landscape with fire and swirls the color across the playing winds. I am greeted, of course, with friends and the puppies have a chance to whirl into explosions of excitement with the reunion of two little sisters. I'm off to vibe in the pyramid for the day :)

Where tomorrow will take us, I can't say. For my imagination at this moment may only limit the potential of where I might end up. As if in a fairy tale, every moment is infinitely more perfect than I could have ever dreamed up.

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