Saturday, October 1, 2011

Onward we fly.

I'm still a little bit surprised to be on the open road again, it seems as though summer simply vanished on the ocean breeze. This past few months on Cortes has been like a fairy-tale dream. 

Faery friends, creative community, love, that washes over you where ever you wander, when ever you hug a new friend. What a season on the coast indeed! So much love to what I dearly hope to be lifelong friends out there! 
Gratitude and Infinite love to Amie and Henri! You are both so very fabulous and you have both found a pedestal in our hearts for the rest of time.

The weeks leading up to our departure, I was getting so excited to leave. Oh the exhilaration of possibility and potential as you hit the open road with "Nowhere to be, and everywhere to go" This enthusiasm continued to build, bubbling bigger and bigger, right up until the day it felt like we might actually leave. And it dawned on me that we actually had to leave Cortes to go on this adventure, delight faded into a tinge of sadness. But my heart warmed at the thought of reunions with everyone when we get back. 

And so we whirl winded off..... 
"The last ferry off the island is at 5:50, think we can make it?" "It's 4:30 now....we better get a move on" 

Henri later informs me that Amie had come up with the wonderful plan that if she doesn't see us, we can't say good bye, and so can't leave.... lol .... So we leave in a flurry, managing to get everything put away beautifully, car loaded, with our little bunny Totoro and all, and whisk off to Amie's for a quick bon voyage. 
 As we drove north on the island, towards the ferry ever pondering if we might make it, I realize that this may be the last time I may know every single person that drives by.... at least until next summer. What a feeling of community, being able to name and wave and feel love for every cyclist and car that you pass. 

 We made the ferry, last one on the boat, sitting on the back of the ferry under golden rays bouncing off the ocean. I crash in the van due t my flurry of cleaning and packing that had me up until 6:30 am the night before. 
Vancouver bound. 
 The city is such an interesting place, any city, any where.. A cacophony of energy and noise, bumping and bustling everything that moves, or doesn't move. Not my exactly my first choice for a zen filled, grounded setting. However we were there to see the beautiful people. Heart warmth shared with our friends and family is the best kind of warmth out there. 
So a quick visit of a two nights and one full day, and we were on the road again.

 Off to save Princess Peach. I love this game. Slumbered well in Kelowna last night, and we prepare to depart for Ainsworth hot spring for a refresh with good ol' peaches :)

 Until next time friends! Love light and bliss all your days! 

 My quote of the day 
 "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others" Nelson Mandela (1918 - )

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