Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lost in a haze.

So the past few weeks living at the larch house have been phenomenal. Absolute bliss to be exact. And now all of a sudden I can see the end of summer in sight and am wondering why I'm still here. Between watching my new found family part ways across the continent and packing up the beauty of 2030 Larch has been quite overwhelming today and I've felt a little lost through out it all. But, "A quick chill out at 2020 has left me seeing things a fair bit clearer" as Paolo said it would :) With so many options on where to go I think I may stay in Vancouver a while longer and recharge my batteries. So I won't be making it to the Playa this year, but I will most definitely be fire-spinning in the desert next fall.

In this immediate moment I am feeling so overwhelmed by love for all the beautiful souls I have met this summer. There have been endless moments of perfection and bliss. All of which I owe to the people around me. David, Jocelyn, Isaac, Fran, JD, Brian, Wil Call, Siobhan, Shauna, Shawn, Pami, Paolo, Abby, and every single beautiful body, mind and soul that is, was or ever will be Larch THANK YOU. Thank you for your presence, your love, your voice, your creativity and just being yourselves. Namaste. I hope that I can bring your beauty and love with me all the days of my life.

California is still an option but I am really missing my Momo and thinking of perhaps heading East. But lets work on a means of getting there and maybe some cash to eat along the way.

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