Friday, October 16, 2009

What exactly is it that I want?

I've found my new family and am on the search for a new home with them. Have a job I hate that pays well while I look for a job that I like that will hopefully pay well.... and I'm starting to think about what exactly it is that I want from myself in this next year, that is approaching pretty darn quickly.
I know that I want to attend both Shambhala and Burning Man next year, but what about afterwards? I know I want to see my Momo, but when? I know I don't want to spend another winter in Vancouver, but then where? So here we go, I'm going to set some serious deadlines for myself here...

This winter is for getting my ass into some serious pavement burning gears. By January I want at least one job I absolutely adore.
Spring 2010; Visit momo on the east coast, have my shambhala & burning man tickets paid for and ready to go, have my driver's license by june
Summer 2010; have a minimum of $3000 banked for my summer and a plane ticket to somewhere not in north America for after the Burn.

that's all I have as of yet...but there are many thoughts of attending school bouncing around in my head for shortly after that. But for right now I think that's more than enought to think about.

Last night I hung out with Stephan and some of the Selkirk crew as everyone said their goodbyes and headed out for San fran and Treasure Island. Want to send out much love to Jenn, Sonya, Tom, Noel, and Stephan. Safe driving and many blissed filled moments on the road!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Also I wnated to share some of these amaizng ridiculously off the hook youtube videos we wasted hours luaghing and being amazed at!!!

Craziest flips ever (seriously!)

2008 drummers; Opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics

And the SHIVA Dance!!! Also Beijing Opening Ceremonies

Many blessings and blissede filled moments out there to everyone who wants them!!

Love Love love love love

your yoshi

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Found a job that I'm not super stoked on but will do while I find the perfect one. The world is turning and so is my life... Found the house mates!!!! And am so ecstatic to be moving in with a family that reflects the beauty, joy and love I reflect into the universe. So many family projects!!!
Just wanna say Thank YOU to Jenn, Russ, Conrad, and Steff for being so AMAZING! And full of love and creativity, I am so incredibly excited to begin our family together.

applied with Lululemon today, hope they like me!!! Such a dream job!!!!

Sending out some special extra love vibes to my MOMO, BOUBOU (I MISS YOU BOUBOU!!!), my new family, my always family, Matt, and my Dad!! I miss you guys fromt he bottom of my heart and need to send some extra love your way. SO FEEL IT!

Here's some pics from my trip to the Island in September....a little late I know...sorry :P