Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Found a job that I'm not super stoked on but will do while I find the perfect one. The world is turning and so is my life... Found the house mates!!!! And am so ecstatic to be moving in with a family that reflects the beauty, joy and love I reflect into the universe. So many family projects!!!
Just wanna say Thank YOU to Jenn, Russ, Conrad, and Steff for being so AMAZING! And full of love and creativity, I am so incredibly excited to begin our family together.

applied with Lululemon today, hope they like me!!! Such a dream job!!!!

Sending out some special extra love vibes to my MOMO, BOUBOU (I MISS YOU BOUBOU!!!), my new family, my always family, Matt, and my Dad!! I miss you guys fromt he bottom of my heart and need to send some extra love your way. SO FEEL IT!

Here's some pics from my trip to the Island in September....a little late I know...sorry :P

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  1. ooopss PICS ARE HERE