Wednesday, January 20, 2010


And so they days carry on getting longer again, and the mere thought of humid summer breezes, beach days, and fluttering dresses is almost too much for me to bear. A new decade has arrived and with it a great deal of reflection on my past in this last month.
A great overpowering surge of love for all the beautiful souls and kindred spirits I've met in this last year, as well as all the lessons and growth I have attained.

We're into month three living on this amazing Gypsy Pirate Ship! Six residents, 2 full time orphans, a part time one, and a french dog. The universe has definitely been good to me!
I'm in love..... as I usually am, though more blissed out than usual, and feeling fantastic about this coming year. I was working two jobs but am now down to one (the Naam on 4th Ave) and, of course, and absolutely stoked on it. Finally learning how to board and have already had some incredible days on the hills in ridiculous amounts of snow! I'm really going to try and make a commitment to updating this blog everyday! So here it goes!..... :)

In the works this spring; Herbalism classes with the EYA (Environmental Youth Alliance), get my PADI, tree planting? WOOFing for sure! Definitely major gardening on the Pirate Ship, Hot tub building, MORE feathers...... [Oh yeah! I started a feather jewellery compnay with my room mate Cheese Pie! We're calling it] MORE GARDENING! Food not bombs..... continuing my new found love for dumpster diving! perhaPs delving back into modeling and/or acting for awhile (might as well try it out for a bit...) and last but not least.... LOVE LOVE LOVE

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