Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wandering Infinity; afloat on an ancient paradise

Summer has seemingly slipped through my hands once again, and it feels all too familiar to be chasing a waning sun. This season has been a ripe and juicy one indeed!

After an inspiring and creative spring in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, I was BC-bound and ready for the magic of a west coast summer. That was back in May. LOL! Here we are on the verge of September and I find myself a much closer to the equator than Canada could be. My humble home & studio on Cortes Island packed up, I thoroughly enjoyed one last good frolic across the mystical landscapes. Explorations of Vancouver Island ensued with my new Beau, and summer had indeed begun! From Victoria to Campbell River, and down again. Inspired by ancient music at Nhemamusasa North, I dove deep into awe for the Shona culture and the potent power music has to offer us all. Whisked away into Tututopia, we had a brilliant time playing in ruffle patches with Kelsey Faery and Sheila Munro at BC's own Basscoast! We laughed, we smiled, and oh boy did we ever DANCE!

One thing led to another, and despite my "not wanting a summer full of festivals", we synchronistically manifested not one, two or three, but four tickets to Beloved Festival in Oregon! WOW am I ever overflowing with gratitude for that experience! Even my Mom came down! If you ever have the calling or chance to go to I HIGHLY recommend you do! It could be the life changing experience that aligns you with your very own waking dream. Stay tuned I'll get another post up soon, exclusively on my Basscoast to Beloved experience.

Departing the Beloved grounds in Tidewater Falls, I was so full of gratitude, inspiration, light and seemingly limitless love. Our journey brought us into the the homes of fabulous new friends, who I now graciously, and lovingly call family! Portland loved us indeed! I had a an incredible week in the weird city, exploring mouth watering eats, cool dips in the beautiful waterways, epic music, and heart warming people. SWOON* 

In a wink, I found myself in Seattle, the city ablaze with pride as thousands filed into the downtown for the first Seahawks game of the season. I awoke in our hotel room, a restless night once again, belly full of butterflies very much ready to be let out. I can never seem to sleep the night before a flight.

<Space/Time Continuum Disruption>

Lihue, Hawaii>Kiluaea>Wainiha

I think I've been here like a week now, and it feels like my mind and spirit just finally caught up with my body. What a whirlwind this summer has been indeed! Needed a moment to ground in and grab my bearings.

Lol. I've only been here a week and I feel like I have three focused posts I want to write, but I think I'll keep it short and save them for a little later.

I'm in paradise, how can I complain about anything!? I forage fruit, do my best to try one new fruit a day. Swim in oceans, rivers and streams, sing with the wind and walk around mouth a-jar, gawking at all the ridiculously beautiful flowers and birds. I think my mantra this summer (though a bit more of a reprogramming) has been "I can't believe this is my life! WAIT!! I TOTALLY BELIEVE THIS IS MY LIFE!!"

Beaming gratitude and working on a wicked tan as I catch up on my big list of cyber work :P

Til the next one, heres some photos! Enjoy!

Crazy mall in Singapore

Erawan Museum, Bangkok

Inside the belly of the Erawan elephant, Bangkok

Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai
Slay Bay, Basscoast Festival Photo by Cody Puckett

Pyramid art installation, Basscoast Photo by Cody Puckett

Amana from Anna Fi Allah, Beloved Photo by Zippy

Beloved Festival Photo by Teddyaphoto
Beloved, Photo by Kyer Wiltshire
Beloved, Photo by Kyer Wiltshire

The view from NoniLand, Kiluaea, Kauai

Epic drive by sunset, Kauai

Breathtaking secret spot, Kauai

Sun kissed beach bliss, Kauai

Winds relaying a message to a Bird I know.


Magical succulent raised lily pad, Kauai

Volcanic teeth, and ocean blow holes, Kauai

Strange Succulents, Kauai

Where earth meets Sea, Kauai

Always a good moment for Yoga, Kauai

Land of infinite EPIC timelapses, Kauai
One new fruit a day! ULU a.k.a. Breadfruit


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