Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back on track, now lets make it a trail.

After a relaxed couple of days and some wonderful downtime I'm feeling rather on top of things. The long list of loose ends that need tying is getting shorter and fall is not looking as ominous as previously thought. Plans at the moment are still up in the air as far as traveling goes. I find myself at the most wondrous crossroad, with so many enchanting options and no money to pursue them.
You have to love the money woes when traveling. You never have any :P
So I'm off to get some work done in Vancouver for a bit, nothing to exciting. Just for a paycheck or two. Then next weekend I'll be camping on the island with Sylvia!! I've also found great interest in wwoofing, which I am most definitely going to look into. Finally having a working laptop is fantastic!! HURRAH. So expect some pictures next post and maybe some more news on where I'm off to for Decemeber!! :) We'll see how the next couple of weeks go but the two places I'm most keen to go are rather exciting. Namaste.

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