Monday, January 28, 2013

Do you do things that scare you?

Reconnecting with my family here in Japan has been a profound and challenging experience in the utmost dualistic nature, but I feel like I've jumped the hurdle. Like any integrated member of a society, majority of my relatives are quite integrated into "the system". The same system I have strived to separate myself from. What a laugh huh?
 I do however, feel it has been an empowering experience of growth. I have integrated on a deeper level what t is to be open and unattached. To love, accept, and experience Their lives with out judgement.

And so in rolling with that flow, I'm going to do something that scares me out of my wits! Navigate the extensive Japanese train network on my own! I know it doesn't seem like such a frightening thing, until you actually see......

This is just for Central Tokyo!

I strongly believe in doing things that totally petrify us, if not once a month, than at least once in awhile. I feel it makes us stronger, more adaptable people :)

So wish me luck!

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