Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Spotless Future In The Web of Life

“May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away your worries, may the breeze blow new strength into your being, may you walk gently through the world and know it's beauty all the days of your life.”

― Apache Blessing

When one door closes, there is always another opening somewhere not too far off.

The world always has so much to offer us. Sometimes in the moment we don't see beyond the hills we are approaching. Our imagination makes up the mystery of infinite potential in that land over the crest. However the world out of sight is so much more extraordinary than we could ever grasp.

Around every corner, there are miracles available to us. Beyond every hill lays a paradise world no mortal can comprehend.

My world cascades into the ebb and flow of an infinite cycle of death and rebirth. I find myself lodged in a threshold, portal way of epic proportions.

 All spring I'd been dreaming up my potential future endeavours. Filling my heart with inexhaustible excitement for epicurean alchemical undertakings.
Multiple concepts had popped up all spring, planning ensued, but as I prepared to take off nothing was quite sticking as it should.

why?..... only the Universe knows.

And now I've found myself in the Garden Of Eden, presented with opportunities to pursue dreams I'd forgotten I had.

From being cast as the lead in a film trailer, to helping open a store front. Collaborating, mingling and dreaming with some of the most talented beings on this Planet. My mind just continues to get blown every moment of every day.




Universe, I would love to keep acting. Star in a film, Why not?
Fly around the world filming breath taking, enlightening moments? 


Jump in next deep designing spectacular jewellery?


CoCreating with some of the brilliant artists on the face of this Earth?


What ever you wanna throw at me Universe, I'm here, listening, watching, feeling. Ready and waiting for your cues.


And so like the meditative and divine process of the spider, I patiently dream the mandala I wish to live in. May it be spun strong, true, catch every drop of sparkling due, and every glimmering ray of sunshine. Let all the nightmares fall through its holes, and may every lucid dream be caught to shine in the glory of this world.

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