Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flow vs. Force...... Dream your world

Flow vs. Force


to the Golden thread that propels & pulls us towards our Dharma. Engulfed in the perfection of time, catapulted into the world of serendipitous synchronicity. Let your life be an infinite cycle of Miraculous events unfolding before your eyes.

Having always felt like a reasonably decisive and to the point woman, this concept of Force & Flow feels ever present in my life. A constant virtue to keep in balance. 

When do I step back and allow things to manifest?

When do I step forward and catalyze that which I am called to?

Patience is a facet of myself I am continually working on. I've come a long ways, but the path of change is an infinite one. A friend once told me that
"True change is like hiking a mountain. Backwards and blindfolded. It takes a great deal of commitment and effort, but the rewards of reaching the top are incomparable."
I dont always deal well with sitting idle, not that I should, but it does, on occasion, feel like I am putting in more effort than is always necessary. 

Bali feels like a land lost in the flow........

(runs off in a hurry to feed her gurgling belly..........6 hours later.....)

Well, talk about Flow! 

I found myself amidst amazing company and deliciously cheap delectables. I gave this whole day to the flow, and boy oh' boy did she ever engulf me in her swirling, magical abyss. Instantaneous manifestations abound; fleeting thoughts materializing before my eyes. 

I nonchalantly mentioned to a friend the other day, that I would love to do more acting/performance. 
TA DA! Casting call for actors here in Ubud! Coincidence, I think not. 
Thought it would be neat to participate in more story telling via film.
TA DA! World class documentary film maker sits down at our table. 
Would love to meet/interview a particular band here in Ubud.
TA DA! Neighbour is from the same hometown as them, and in fact has invited them to the casting.
The list goes on and on today. And the day isn't even over!
Now I just need to manifest that house!

Today's Lesson:
Your phone died for a reason. Forget about your long list of "To Do's" and breathe in the present moment with excitement, bliss, and gratitude. You never know what tomorrow will bring.... or so you thought. Living a dream is as simple as Dreaming.

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