Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Musical Moments From Around the World, GO!

Surrender to the Sounds

{Part I}

"Through meditation I've programmed my heart to beat breakbeats and hum bass lines in exhalation."

-Saul Williams

One thing I can never manage to leave home without is Music. There is something so grounding and comforting about knowing that you can have the soundtrack to your life on hand at any moment, where ever you end up.

So I've decided to centre this post around the incredible world of music that has swallowed me up. If you have a moment sometime I would love some feedback on this post. I'm contemplating bringing focus to my writing through the music and food I encounter while traversing this great world of ours ;)

This week in Ubud has been a never ending party! The Bali Spirit Festival brings in yogis, gurus, teachers, students, artists and musicians from around the world. One of my favourite groups had come all the way from Hawaii to headline their second Spirit Fest here in Bali, and wow did they ever put on a show last night!

Nahko & Medicine For The People create sounds straight from the belly of Mama Gaia herself. Self described as 

"Spirited thump-hop storytelling. Earth-based-spirit-
inspired. Working for social and environmental justice. Musical medicine. "

These guys continually send shivers down my spine, and over the last couple weeks I have seen Spirit/God/Divine light blaze through the heavens with great force to set their hearts on fire as they sing their songs. From concert venues, bars, to playing for children, and sharing songs of prayer they are inspiring a love filled conscious paradigm shift through the sounds they belt out into our world. With words like 

"Don't waste your hate, only gather and create... be of a sensible person. Use your words and don't be nervous! You can do this you've got purpose, find you medicine and use it!"

How can you not start singing along in the highest bliss filled vibes! 

An up and coming star, Dustin Thomas, was on tour with Medicine for the People through the Asian Pacific. I've been blessed to hang with this mind boggling crew of musicians and they continually impress me with their infinite well of high vibes! Throwing down beat boxing with thoughtful soul searching lyrics he is taking the world by the horns. Teamed up with Medicine they are unstoppable. Dustin has just released his first album, and keep your eyes out for Medicine's new album! I've been lucky enough to sneak some peeks of their album artwork and WOW is it inspiring! Also Medicine's drummer Hope is currently recording a solo album! I'll be on set for her first music video this Sunday! Big Love!

Medicine was joined by an incredible array of world music. Oka came up from Australia to share there amazing tribal fusions of their indigenous resonance. Blasting the sound of didgeridoo into our souls with amazing beats that sent my being into a total trance.

Some local talent at the show included the body shaking noise of Afronesia and Susu Ibu.

Check it out! Expand your musical consciousness and rock out to some of these body banging sounds! Until next time beautiful people!

Signing off from Ubud, Bali!

Your World Wandering Yoshi!


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